jeff's letter; altered.

you, my love are allowed to steal my kisses from the ones i love and send it to those in need of many.
you, my love are allowed to spend your days with our mutual friends' gathering held for only two: you and your honor.
you, my love, are allowed to leave me here by myself, for the whole weekend and let it run over me like bad tv shows that you get exposed to over and over again.
you, my love, gave a new meaning for the word: alone.
you, my love, are forgotten not.
you, my love, are free to have your drinks with the ones you despised for so long and have your stomach upset because of the cheap sandwiches you'd had.
you, my love, are never gonna learn. and i, will never understand.
you, my love, are the stars and the moon above your own head, call them heavens!
where mine, is long gone, deep buried and rotten already.
you, my love, were the one chance you did not take. underestimate yourself still, you may.
but you, my love, will be appreciated, well remembered and thought of. on the most unlikely nights and days to come.
you, my love, were too blind to hear and to deaf to see. or, was is the other way around; for that all equals to one: gone.
you, my love, may think i'm having my time but, time, i cannot possess; but you,
my love, on the other hand, could've had me right there beside you.

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very good! it's appreciated by me. loves from the dardanelles <3