so, love..

this endless chaos, the pride you've been bearing for so long.
your brutal words, what's ahead, what's left behind.
your friends, -for that they might even like it-, your so called wisdom, your fearful theories, your kindness and the everlasting peace.
your promises, wine poetry and music.
your shoes you trod the pavements with, your mental disease, your dreams, lines, your pseudo "i understand and love you"s
your illusions, your friendship, your bitterness, your roots.

now, erase the verb "love" and put "fuck" instead.
read it all over again.

the difference between 'to fuck' and 'to love' is BIG!

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Escuedro dedi ki...

I prefer 'i understand and love you.' I'm that kind of man. Love needs courtesy, elegance and unselfishness.

Sophie dedi ki...

''the difference is big'' çok güzel,bir de o fotoğraftaki kız çocuğu yanağından öpmelik değil de ne? aklımdasın :)