"It's all about forests, finding the me i've lost; within you, assholes, and some true meaning of the paths leading into the mist..."

quoth the crow..
the strider and the carrier of the summoned pain..

I grew weaker where love was once fed..
It's your birthday, only days later, you be twenty-somethin'..
i've blown the pieces of the light from the nights remained, into the icy air..

I lead my torch now to other grounds cause i lost you on a bus, late night, that cold night... before airplanes took you away again..

It was your imagination, your alcohol breath, mesmerizing your vision of me, into something you could, hold, touch but could never see.
You could both enjoy your lust all over my body and could still receive the same amount of protection as before..
And because it was not me,
I fell in love in the wrong direction.
I did chose to make a mistake in your honor.
I did fall in love with him, at the gathering..
Where music was flying in the air, harsh.
5 seconds of travelling through time, with beads, magic and wine...

And then it was time to go,
my timing has always been impeccable!..
Einstein and me,
Knitting your future with our own hands..

This time, it's silence
Pushing me to confess..

I'm not anything you want me to be..
And this letter is all, for you;
all, for true...

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