bitter truth, that is...
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Selen Gulun dedi ki...

Bull! Love is something to share... Sharing is daring. If there is nothing to dare, then there is nothing to share. .. ... ....

Nesta dedi ki...

But it's talking about "falling in love".
I believe, falling in love is a state of mind.
You can't fall in love in the same amount as each other.
Can anyone state any proof that it happens to two, precisely at the same time and in the same amount?
It's all chemicals. And they are meant to vanish to turn into something else, some other dense feeling that you 'start' sharing.
Then comes in daring.

And still, love is something you have and you give.
You are the creator of it.
You do it or not, it's all up to you.
Your perception of love and her/his perception of love does not hold the necessity to be/feel/represent the same perception as yours.

Whatever you receive is positive in the same way whatever you give is not negative.
Your way of giving it is up to you.
And if he/she cannot take it, so be it!
You stil have it in you.

After all, I, personally, don't have the guts to terrorize love by choking the other to death just to share it.
Cause I got a cemetery in the backyard!
I simply love and expect nothing in return. If there's a slight chance that some love might be poured back, it's a bonus!

Or else, there had never been a person worth daring and sharing for. All those years?
Can i actually say that?
I might, cause i'd know that i still cannot prove it.

In other words,
i've lost my faith in sharing / daring in the syncronized way.
My receptors are all broken. (until someone comes along and convinces me the opposite and furthermore, keeps the attitude!)

Looking forward to seeing the day when i'll be able to see both green and red apples on the same tree...